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Massage Therapy + Bodywork

In addition to our full schedule of donation-based yoga classes, we are proud to offer a selection of wellness services that include Massage Therapy and Bodywork. Our Licensed Massage Therapists are aligned with our holistic vision and mission, and will work with you to tailor your session to the exact needs of your body. We offer three main types of Bodywork: Therapeutic Massage, Relaxation Massage, and Assisted Stretching. In line with all other studio offerings, our pricing is simple and accessible:

+ 60-Minute Session: $85

+ 90-Minute Session: $115

+30-Minute Session: $50 (for Assisted Stretching only)


Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage is a massage modality focused primarily on pain relief, stress reduction, or targeted issues, such as tight hamstrings. While Therapeutic Massage is often assumed to be intense, this isn't always the case. Our Licensed Massage Therapists use a combination of varying degrees of pressure and massage techniques to address your specific needs, including:

  • deep tissue work

  • neuromuscular massage

  • myofascial massage

  • trigger point therapy

All of our Therapeutic Massage sessions can be enhanced with the addition of aromatherapy, hot stones, or cupping.


Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage, as its name implies, is a gentle form of Massage Therapy focused primarily on calming the nervous system, relieving tension in the muscles, and promoting a deep sense of relaxation. Relaxation Massage uses long rhythmic strokes or smaller circular motions to break up stuck spaces in the body and promote good circulation. While a good Therapeutic Massage can work wonders for physical issues, a good Relaxation Massage goes a long way towards encouraging mental health and stability. All of our Relaxation Massages can be enhanced with the addition of aromatherapy, hot stones, or cupping.


Assisted Stretching

Very simply put, Assisted Stretching is stretching with the help of another person. Assisted Stretching aids the body in achieving length in ways that would not be possible without support. In addition to it's ability to reduce stress, increase range of motion, and decrease pain and stiffness, Assisted Stretching is a great way to open and prepare the body for a more stable and vigorous yoga practice. Assisted Stretching sessions are our most trauma-informed offering, as they are completed fully-clothed and without any manipulation of the deeper tissues or faschia in the body.

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