A big part of our mission at Space is to be engaged in our community, and that sometimes means taking our services out of the studio. As instructors and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds, we know the power a holistic practice has in our daily lives, and especially in high-stress environments. Studies show that the workplace is not only a large source of stress for most people, but that workplace-related stress significantly decreases employee productivity and leads to negative side effects such as head and body aches, lack of sleep, lack of motivation, and much more. Our WorkSpace Wellness program provides you with an easy and cost-effective solution to keep your employees happy, healthy, and engaged in their work.



Recent research supports the ancient wisdom that yoga is full of spiritual, mental, and physical benefits. In fact, there are indications that companies who offer yoga to their employees see significant reductions--sometimes up to 25%--in their annual health premiums as well as increases in their bottom lines. Profit margins aside, there are many other more important and long-lasting benefits of a maintaining a regular yoga practice.


  • Increased levels of well-being, alertness, and activity, leading to greater levels of productivity.

  • Increased ability to multi-task.

  • Relief from work-related physical issues such as carpal tunnel, back and neck pain, and high blood pressure.

  • Notable improvements in mental clarity and relief from work-related stress and anxiety.

  • Strengthened sense of comradery and teamwork, contributing to a more unified and stress-free workforce.





By bringing one of our Registered Yoga Instructors into your work space, we can offer your employees the unique opportunity to experience rest and relaxation during the work day, making them more productive and energetic. Using a conference space or meeting room in your facility, our instructors provide you with a range of services including:

  • Guided meditations and aromatherapy.

  • Effective yoga classes in a variety of styles.

  • Mindfulness practices.

  • Guided breathwork.

Pricing and all other details are negotiated on an individual basis.




We understand that sometimes it's better to destress outside the work space, so we also offer special group rates for businesses. As opposed to the traditional method of receiving a percentage of discount, we will negotiate a monthly membership rate with you to find a price point that is within the financial capacity of everyone in your business. This membership rate applies to all group classes on the schedule and your employees will receive the same benefits as other members in the studio.

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