"Space is hands down my favorite place to practice. Each instructor has a slightly different twist that keeps it fresh for me and challenges me to go a little deeper! Walking out of Space after a challenging practice is a tremendous feeling; the world just feels like a better place."

~ Devine


"I just went to my very first class at Space last night and I was SO satisfied! I am definitely going there from now on. It was SO laid back. The class was intense but it was remarkable and the people there were awesome. ♥"

~ Shelby


"I cannot express enough how much this space and the all the people involved has changed my life. I've struggled throughout life with its usual ups and downs, but here I can be free. This is more than just a yoga studio. All levels, no judgment, and a space I feel at peace. There's nowhere I'd rather be than here. Thank you!!!"

~ Brittney


Here's how we're making the studio safe for you:

  • Advance registration is required and no late entry will be permitted. We highly encourage you to pay by card or pass instead of cash.

  • Masks are required upon entry and exit, and during any off-mat movement.

  • The studio door is propped open before and after class to prevent touching, and we ask that you wait in your vehicle or outside the studio until you see the door propped open.

  • Temperatures are taken upon entry and hand sanitizer is available throughout the studio.

  • Mat spaces are at a designated 6 ft. apart per social distancing guidelines.

  • All blocks, props, and shared surfaces - including the floors - are sanitized before, after, and between classes.

  • We are regularly diffusing Thieves Oil to sanitize the air.