Growing up my body was my sworn enemy. I hated the way I looked in the mirror, I hated the number on the scale, I hated how I felt. Yoga came into my life in a pretty ordinary way. My good friend and fellow Army wife invited me to her favorite yoga studio in Manhattan, Kansas. I remember being so incredibly nervous that first night. The teacher called for poses in a language I had never heard, and my body fumbled around trying to just keep up. And then the final pose was called, and I lied down. For the first time in all my life, I felt connected to my body. I felt every muscle, every breath, united and in harmony. In this moment, my body wasn’t my enemy, it was my equal. I was overwhelmed and wanted to know more.


In 2014, I decided that this thing was something I wanted to share with every BODY. My teacher training was one of the most powerful and amazing experiences I have ever had. I was surrounded by like minded and beautiful individuals. I completed my 200HR Teacher Training through YogaWorks in Manhattan, Kansas.


In the beginning of this journey, I was obsessed with getting to the next pose. I wanted to go upside down. I wanted to look like a “real yoga teacher”. As I tried so hard to get to the next pose, to do the things that were hurting me, to allow myself to be consumed with these thoughts, I got further and further away from that feeling of unity and harmony in my body. I was forcing it to be and do something that wasn’t necessary. Today, my personal practice has evolved. My yoga is found in my meditation, it is found in my work, it is found in my laughter and in my actions towards all living things.


If I had to choose a pose that I love it would be Tadasana or Mountain Pose. Grounding through the feet, focusing on the alignment of the ankles to knees to hips all the way to the crown of the head. Being able to focus on your body and  the space around you. One of the greatest lessons you can learn in this pose, is that it is not so simple. Each breath moves your body, rocking it from side to side, forcing you to ground deeper into your foundation. In Tadasana, I can learn something new about myself and this thing called yoga.


“Everything changes, nothing remains without change” -Buddha


What pose do you love?


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