The very first time I ever did yoga was--wait for it--with a Denise Austin VHS. In my living room. When I was thirteen. Wearing rolled-up Soffe shorts with "cheer!" on the butt (why was that was ever a trend?).  Initially,  I thought the 28-minute tape was a great way to stay fit.  I did my routine every single day, sometimes twice in one day, until the tape broke from rewinding it too many times.  Fortunately, I did the routine so often that I memorized the sequence and was able to continue my practice without missing a beat.  Every time I would do my little workout, I would add a new stretch or pose that I picked up in cheerleading or ballet until I had a sequence all of my own.

Although I cannot recall Denise's original sequence that introduced me to yoga, I do remember her cueing for triangle.  More specifically, I remember how the pose made me feel strong, confident, and open which was ground breaking for me.  The more I practiced yoga, the more my intention shifted from asana-centered to a more emotional, mental practice.

To this day, not much has changed as far as my yoga practice goes (except my clothing choices, thank goodness).  My home practice remains the highlight of my day and serves as my personal therapy session.  As an instructor, I love incorporating triangle into my beginner-level classes in hopes of inspiring new yogis the same was I was.

What pose (or feeling) kept you coming back to your mat as a new yogi?

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