All of these no-cost programs run entirely on the support of generous donations made to our nonprofit Project Create Space. If you are financially able and interested in paying it forward, use the button below to make a donation. All donations are tax-deductible and directly support the work we do all around the CSRA.


Our no-cost programs would not be possible without the generous support of our community partners. If you are a local business or corporation interested in offering your regular monthly support to our programs, please let us know by emailing moniqua@spaceyogastudio.com.

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We know how difficult everyday life can be...and particularly how expensive it is to engage in self-care. Through the generous support of our nonprofit Project Create Space, we are able to provide several no-cost programs in the studio. While not required, any donations you would like to give when attending these classes will go directly towards supporting our work in the community. The following regularly-scheduled classes are offered through this community support:


+ Community Yoga at 9a on Saturdays

+ Yoga for Physical and Emotional Burnout at 4:30p on Tuesdays


In addition to these community-supported class offerings, we also provide up to 8 complimentary classes per month for all faculty and staff of the Richmond County and Columbia County School Systems as well as any First Responders in the CSRA. Register for any of these classes HERE or request more information by emailing info@spaceyogastudio.com or speaking with the Studio Manager when you come to visit.