Our Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships are awarded based on two primary criteria:


​+ Financial need


+ A desire to offer yoga to Special Populations, particularly individuals struggling with emotional imbalances, including PTSD, neurological issues, cancer, or addiction and trauma.


The yoga we teach and practice at Space Yoga Studio is based on our core values of kindness, honesty, openness, and social responsibility. We exercise our commitment to social responsibility by working hard to make yoga accessible on all levels: physical, emotional, and even financial. While many people may be interested in deepening their own practice and sharing it with others, pricing for Teacher Training can be a barrier to moving forward. In an effort to grow our community of knowledgable yoga instructors, we are pleased to offer $7,000 each year in partial scholarships for those wishing to enter our Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training Program, applicable to both our In-Studio Training with Virtual Companion Course and our Online Teacher Training Program*.​

*Scholarships are available year-round until all funds have been awarded and may be applied to both In-Studio and Virtual Training program options.

Only THREE spaces remain in our upcoming