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Coming this May at Space: Mission Om!

February 22, 2015

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Tips on being the best yogi you can be

November 12, 2014

While many of our members are beginners to yoga, we know that each and every one of us can always use reminders about how to be good and responsible yogis. Here is a list of some basic yoga etiquette and practice tips to help you get started in your practice, move you along in your practice, or just to help you feel more at home in Space. 


  • Take a bath. Or a shower. No perfumes or lotions, please. Then take another one after practice if you can.


  • Use the bathroom. You have been hydrating all day... You need all the room you can get for those forward folds and twists.


  • Asanas should be practiced on an empty stomach. Wait 4 hours after a heavy meal, one hour after a light one. If you must, have a tea or cocoa before. You can eat again 30 minutes after practice.


  • Wear appropriate, comfortable clothing. Again, there are bends, folds, and twists invloved. Closer fitting knits will allow more freedom of movement and will stay put when you are in said positions. No jeans and no socks (unless they are yoga socks with grip.) While you're out looking for spiffy new yoga pants..


  • Find your soul mat. Manduka, Lulu, Gaiam, a jute rug.... just find one you love. You will be spending a lot of time on it. Sure, we have some you can borrow, but there is something about having your own mat to roll out in a studio, in your living room, outside. Your mat will become your best friend. Always there when you need it, through good practices and bad. You will become attached.


  • Morning or night? The best time to practice is when you can, but...


  • Be on time or early. Those first 10 minutes are essential to centering the mind and warming up the body. Practice starts on time and the studio door will be locked at that time.


  • Remove your shoes and silence your phone. We have cubbies in the lobby area for your stuff.


  • Enter quietly. Keep noise to a minimum when rolling out your mat and collecting your props. Be mindful of others and hold loud conversations away from the studio. (I suggest Purple Cow where you get a 20% post-practice discount...)


  • Make space for others. It can get crowded in SPACE during our Community Practices, a problem we like to have. Bring your mats together. Get to know your neighbor. You might be flipping your dog onto their mat soon.


  • Respect the mat. Avoid stepping on other people's mats, if possible. Some people have found their soul mats and, well, how would you like it if someone walked all over your bestie without a second thought? Jussayin.


  • Communicate with your instructor if you have any trouble, pain, or questions. Before, during, or after practice. Let us know what's going on.


  • Practice ahimsa. Take child's pose when you need to. No judgement. It's your practice on your mat and it's all yoga.


  • Keep your eyes open. Find your drishti. Keep your balance. In yoga and in life.


  • Breathe. Through your nose. Mindfully. Unrestricted.


  • Always. Take. Savasana. Ok, now you can close your eyes and keep them closed. Take this time to absorb the benefits of your practice. You earned this.


  • Put your props back. Clean off your mat, especially if you borrowed one. The next person to get that mat will appreciate it.



We are honored each and every time you choose to join us and allow us to share in your practice. The light in us sees and acknowledges the light in you. Namaste.


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