Space Yoga Studio is proud to be the original Aerial Yoga studio in Augusta, Georgia. Aerial classes use a hammock-like swing as a prop to facilitate movement and inversion. The swings assist in developing and deepening yoga postures with a strong focus on correct alignment. The swing is also a great way to relieve compression in the spine as it makes inversions extremely accessible and allows users to hold postures for longer without strain. 
As a student in the Aerial Yoga classes at Space, you can expect the instructor to guide you through a series of both suspended and ground postures which will increase your strength, balance, and flexibility. We offer a variety of Aerial Yoga classes that will allow yogis of any level to experience the magic of the yoga swing. 
*Because of high volume of registrations in Aerial Yoga classes, these classes require pre-payment to register.



The endocrine, circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems all benefit from inverting; when the body is inverted, it allows the circulatory system to take a break. In addition, the increased oxygen-rich blood flow to the head helps to slow the aging process by nourishing skin cells and promoting a feeling of calm and deep well-being. This relaxed state promotes muscle and fascia release, which in turn reduces pain and builds strength. 




You may not register for Aerial Yoga if any of the following applies to you:


Pregnancy, Glaucoma, Recent surgery (esp. shoulder, eyes, back, hips, hands or wrist), Heart disease, Very high or low blood pressure, Easy onset vertigo, Osteoporosis / bone weakness, Recent head injury, Cerebral Sclerosis, Propensity for Fainting, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Severe arthritis, Sinusitis or head cold, Hiatal hernia, Disc herniation or acute discogenic disease, Recent stroke, Artificial hips, Radiculitis (inflammation of nerve root in spine), Severe muscle spasms, Botox (within 6 hours).


When you sign a waiver at Space Yoga Studio, you are acknowledging that you are aware of these risks and that none of the above-mentioned conditions applies to you.



For safety reasons, the maximum weight allowed in the swings is 225 pounds and the minimum age for participation is 16 years old. Aerial Yoga requires a considerable amount of strength. We suggest that you are able to do each of the following before participating in Aerial Yoga classes:


1. Hold Plank Pose, unassisted, for a minimum of 30 seconds.

2. Bring your knee to your chest from a standing position, without assistance.

3. Stand in a wide-legged position with your feet at a width of at least three times your hip distance.


We also kindly request that you respect the swings, the studio, and those in your class by heeding the following rules:


1. Please arrive at least 10 minutes in advance of the class.


2. We use mats to incorporate floor postures, so if you have your own, please bring it with you.


3. Please leave any jewelry at home, as it may snag the fabric. Long nails may also be a danger to the fabric, so please keep that in mind.


4. Please wear appropriate clothing, being mindful of the fact we are often completely inverted in the swings. Please wear clothing that adequately covers all body parts that you do not wish to be shown publicly and that is close-fitting so that it doesn't get twisted up in the swing. Please refrain from wearing anything too strongly-scented, as the smell stays in the fabric. Shirts which cover the armpits are also recommended.


5. Be mindful of yourself and others during the class. Go slowly until you are comfortable in the swings, and listen carefully to the instructions you are given. ALWAYS listen to what your body is telling you and never attempt a posture that just doesn't feel right for you...even if it looks pretty.

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