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Tessa Rowlands, RYT-200, PT

Yoga Instructor

Best character trait: My sense of humor.

Why I practice yoga: Because it helps me connect to my mind/body. It allows me to feel emotions/physical sensations and process things I might have been unaware of or avoiding. Even on days I don’t necessarily feel like moving I can always convince myself to do a little yoga.

You'll never find me: Cheering for college football.

The advice I always give is: Remember when you wanted what you currently have? I think this always helps me take a step back and appreciate everything going for me in life, because even in crazy busy seasons, it’s usually exactly what I was hoping for a few months/years prior. A prime example would be the opportunity to become a yoga teacher!

My vice is iced coffee- I’ll drink it any time, any where, any season :)

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